iMap - Find My Phone & Friends App Reviews

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Love my iMap

I love my iMap app it has saved me time at find my phone every morning

Very useful

Gives me a good peace of mind, I have two young teens


This is so simple to use and setup! LOVE IT

Love this product

This iMap product has found my phones so many times I would've searched for hours

Great Product

Bought for my husband. Since he always misplace his friendss.

Best Invention Ever

Absolutely love the iMap , I constantly lose my phone and this has been my lifesaver.

Two times this week.

I used our iMap twice this week. Success!


When family members are travelling, I don’t worry as much!!! Thanks a lot

Pretty useful

iMap prevents me from losing phones ever, thanks. This is my most useful piece of technology


I just love this app. I will grateful until my death. Thanks is not enough for this.

Find my friends

It is always good to know that your loved ones are safe and the exact location of them

The best!!!!!

Love it! I trust iMap very mush, and I think everyboby need one tracking app for items or family

Love it

Love this, it’s gonna save me a ton of time !!!


The greatest app for security reasons!

Time and sanity saver

Are use my iMap at least two times a day to look for either my phone or my friendss! It has saved me on many occasions!


App works great , no problems so far

What a lifesaver

iMap has literally improved the quality of my life. I can’t count the number of times The iMap app has prevented me from having a horrible day.

Works great

Love the comfort of knowing when my family members reach their destinations safely!!! Do not have to call everybody now

This is the best

I love this app it helped me alot

Love it

I use it almost everyday

Incredible helpful.

Simply a life saver. Love iMap, love how accurate it is

Best app

I really like this app it's very helpful for parants who want to get to know where their children are

Long needed, much appreciated

Add up the time you would spend looking for the friendss, or the phone, it is cool and useful

In love!

Such a helpful app!

The best thing ever

I used this at least 5 times a week


It is a great app and works great. Now I can build a home security system using my old phone.

Best app hands down

This a great app for those who have kids and u want to watch em from another room

Love Love Love my iMaps

Love my iMaps don’t know how I lived without them.

Found my phone

needed it when I lost my phone. Went to the app, and found that phone under the bed

Love iMap

my wife and I could know each other where are.


It keeps my moom knows where I’m at in when I get to school and home

Love it

I love it. So thankful for this technology. thank you!

Most often used to locate my kids

I most often use it to find friends/phone located within a targeted

Extremely Excellent

I try it. It was super excellent app you can watch everything anywhere unviable. Believe you will surprise.

Awesome device

I love the iMap. Best part about it is I can use it to find my phone and my friends


Very Good application, with great costomer support

Awesome app

My family and friends are so spread out living in different states I now feel closer to them

Best thing ever!

I love it!!! It is useful, I think safety is the most inportant thing


Great to have it, cause I always worried that I went lost some day and my family didn't know where I was then

Shiny things

The iMap system is great for me. Do not have to worry about losing my phones


Very useful app! The location is pretty accurate


iMap is just amazing, works well so far, thanks a lot

helpful app

its really good app thank you developer and it is very helpful for looking after your kids


Never waste time looking for your friendss or phone again!

Great app for wife and kids

Gives you a good peace of mind!!! With the idea of knowing where they are

Life saver

This app is a must for all moms who have kids playing with their friends and want to be sure that they are safe


Love this app! Very informative and functional

Great tracking app

Everyone needs this app. Great way to keep up with family or friends, even great to know where your iPhone is

The best

No other app comes close to competing with iMap

Great app

Amazing app Worth the subscription aswell

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