iMap - Find My Phone & Friends App Reviews

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Best app I now feel comfortable and safe with this app

It just works for me

It is great to have a backup tracking system in addition to \"Find my iPhone\".

What a waste 😡😡

The other person has to have the app but they don’t tell you that part!!

Great support service

I love that you can get feedback when you are in trouble with this app

Love it

Then this app would be the Bomb!!!!! Thumbs up

Good download

Hope that I find this app earlier


Very Good, my whole family are using this app

Great App!

Easy to use. Very intuitive.

Love this app

Never lost or had device stolen but if I did I feel that with this app I would recover it, thanks

iMapp is awesome!

This app is a great tool to use. Especially if your devices are lost or stolen.

Best app

I really like this app it\'s very helpful for me, thanks

Pretty awesome

iMapp is one of those things that you set and forget (except when you change devices).

The best one ever.

I use iMapp on my iPhone and laptop. I never need to worry where my devices are because iMapp is always on. If one is missing iMapp tells me where it is located.

I trust this app

Any time I'm curious, it hits my device perfect!!!

Finally apps

Awesome app, really does what it says

Must have

You won't realize how valuable this app is until it's too late, just get it

Excelente app!

Excellent app, thanks for developing such a useful tool for us


This apps is very nice to use, thanks

Best security app available

I have had only positive experiences with this company. I highly recommend their services.

The best

If you are concerned with your phone/Products, buy this. It is the best, period.

Works quite well.

Pretty cool features.


Pretty cool app to find the devices.


Very useful app! Great app for worried parents


Good stuff, really 5++++ for it

Super cool !!

The best of the best!! And it’s free!!!!!!!

Great app

Excelent!!! I will give this app as many stars as there are

Love it

I love the concept, the app functions well, and I hope it never has to come in handy!

Well-designed and user friendly

A lot of polish has gone into the behind the scenes for this app so it works across devices. The UX is good, simple, and does its one job well.


Coolest app I've get for lacations, highly recommend

Thanks you iMapp

For a small amount of money each month, I DEFINITELY feel that I am getting my money\'s worth. Thank you to all the staff at iMapp!!!

Wooow I like it

Legend, this app is amazing, feel safe with it

Must have app!!

There are limitations with Find My iPhone... we all know it. The solution is iMapp. Get it, keep it on.


Good but need to restart after reboot

Great addition to iPhone

This app rocks, great application to locate where your husband is, download it

Great app

Amazing app. Worth the subscription aswell. Clear sound and image


It is a great app and works great. Now I can see where my kids is now


Just using the app let’s see it if works

Love it

No other app comes close to competing with

You need this

For what the application supports, it's imperative that every iPhone owner gets this application.

Nice app

Nice app. It's for your own good and peace of mind.


It\'s nice to know where my devices are.


Good, the map is really useful


This is so simple to use and setup! LOVE IT


Thank you love you, the location of devices are very accurate

The best!!!!!

Love it! Just amazing that locations are very accurate

iMapp is awesome!

I have iMapp for my laptop too so I can track my phone from my laptop and my laptop from my phone! Best app ever!


It just telal the exact location of the device or where the phone is located


I find it very strange that the password for this app requires only latin numbers and letters!Not all the letters on my device's keypad have latin writings's very hardto use the app. Why does the app require only latin no.s and abcs?I wonder...

Not free

When I downloaded it and tried to use it it wouldn’t let me unless I pay. Nope.


Didn’t want to rate it until I really needed it and it worked so beautifully.

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