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The whole family uses this app and we love it. Pretty accurate too, tried using at Disneyworld with my daughters and it helped me track them down


When everyone in the family has this app downloaded, things are a lot safer. We can look at everyone’s location on a map, too, which is much easier than calling or texting around

Does not work

Waste of money. Worst app ever. First app I ever bought that does not worl


Writing to check validity. So far great app


Nice to be able to keep track of overseas family!

Great app

Great app to keep track of your loved ones.


Helps keep track of my kids and avoid confusion with lack of communication. Still learning how to use it!

keep it

I hope to keep this for a longtime


Really cool and informative.. keeping up with loved ones is essential

good for parents

This is app is only good for parents. They use this to track their kids.

love it

Great app. I can track my kids down at any time.

best app

Best way to keep track of the people I love!

Smart app  

I love this app, it's so helpful to find my family location

Great for everyone

Love this app! Most part it is awesome!

Doesn't work

Found out after paying a fee


Hagfish to be the first half of the year

Don't get it.

I downloaded this app and paid the $2.99 for the extended version, this won't even locate MY phone, let alone someone else's. When you try to locate a phone it has to send a request to their phone and they click on the link and it's in French. Dumb and a waste of money!


I love the app


Help I don't know how to use trying to locate husband location!???

Bugs bugs bugs

I had so much hope for this app. It is full of bugs and repeated attempts have shown that many of the functions just don't ever complete. Especially location history which is one of the primary benefits of this app. By the way, you will have to pay about $6 to find out that this feature does not work because of the upsell. Don't buy this app. Get Life360. It works and is reliable. Life 360 will upswell you for three service but at least it works.

Five stars

Awesome app everyone should try it!

Good app

Very well. This is app very good. It is very good for my job. It help me search street very good. Thanks

User for a short time

Downloaded this app just to see whether or not would be useful to track my son's iPhone, but couldn't get to the point of entering his number to actually test the tracking. When looking for ways to enter his phone number, The app kept trying to get me purchasing the full app without me even checking out if it actually works or not. This is a Big No No. Need to show 1st that it works.


The app devs should make it clear this won't show the location of people who don't use the app. I was trying to find where my little brother is but it only sent a text to him.

Good performance

Regardless of the installed program of the application,you can find the location of any person using just phone number or email

Connecting to other devices is well

If you have many different devices for you to provide tracker service,you can use the app to track different devices such as GPS watches, cars trackers, pets trackers and micro-trackers,how useful the app is.

get close to your friends.

I think the app is wonderful and am curious about it,just a phone number you can save and view the location history of your friend by using the app.

A new way to give a notice

Now according the app ,you'll no longer call each other dozen times to arrange a meeting,use the app to find the out the location via phone number or email and choose a suitablest place for the meeting of family.

How important the app is for a mother

As I am a family housewife,I can't image what size I'll be able to,but use the program to track locations of children and relatives,I am very satisfied.

The manipulation is simple

If you know just someone' phone numbers or emails,you can use this application to track devices of your friends and relatives connected to the service as well as to find out their location

Some special and advanced functions

There are many map kind apps,but just this Imap can control the battery level of your friends and family's phones,you can give them a notice in some right time,or the app must have done the assignment automatically.

family members'good tool

It's a useful tool app because if all your family members install the application iMap, you will be able to know not only their current geolocation, but also the places which they have visited during the past 30 days.It'll make your family more united.

A very good app

I feel it a good app cause I've installed iMap and found I can do many things according to its account.

A associated app

As most of my friends are the members of the app,just according to phone numbers,the app has become a associated network,you can get directions to your friends,or their events or any other places,the app will reccomend them to you immediately.How wonderfu

Great app

Great app, it can help me find a friend's location, the interface is clean and easy to use, accurate positioning, recommended


I am a traveller usually,since I began to use the app I found the system of the app has saved my favorite places and the ones I went once,I prefer the function and has saved all my routes.It's an important memory.

Love it

Helped me a lots! Really love it



Many comments in the map app

As the user can publish their own events on the map and there is a comment feature in the app,now the map is full of already created events,it'useful for all the persons ,more and more comments will make the app more practical.

A good Geolocation service

I love this app because you can get your friends and relatives on the same map for FREE!


Don't buy it! I paid for the pro version and it does NOT work at all!!!


Wow! So far so great. Easy install, clean graphics. Nice choice.

very good

Yes, you can’t see your children but you can follow their whereabouts and question their movements and more. So useful to have

So useful

My son is always outdoor hanging out with his friends and this app keeps me to know where he is. Super easy to use even for a non tech savvy like me!


Don't pay. It doesn't work

Got $1.99??

you gotta pay.


Good app!


This is one of the few location apps that gets my home address correct. It has a cool set of useful features. I have 6 children and you can imagine how difficult it could be in keeping up with them without this app

Good app

iMap Find My Friend is a good app for finding friends and everything connects to the internet. It's not only for Iphone but also for other mobile devices installed this app. It's so helpful and very easy to use. I like it. Thanks to developers.

Great app

Easy to use

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