iMap - Find My Phone & Friends App Reviews

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Love it

This app is terrific, gives me peace of mind and is so easy to use.


I been only using it for 3 days so far so good

I feel so at ease!

Knowing where my family is and that they're safe is so easy with this app

Necesito ayuda

Yo baje esta aplicación y no me gusto porque no me da la ayuda q necesito , yo quiero saber la ubicación de la otra persona no la mía, así q la borre, pero ellos dicen q me van a cobrar mensualmente de mi tarjeta de crédito, como hago para q no me sigan cobrando

Love it

This app helps me to keep up with my teenage daughter and as a Police Officer, this helps me ease my mind while I’m working.


The GPS app works good on my iPhone

Love this app

Great app, very efficient and reliable

Great family app

Great family app except when we are all at home-sometimes it puts each of us at a neighbors house.

I love this App!

It allows me to track my loved ones when they’re traveling locally or abroad.

Love this app!

I have two sons and they don’t always return my texts so in order to keep track of where they are this app is the best.

Keep in touch always

Love this know where my phone is always, know where my kids is always!!

Best app

Easy to use, yearly fee is cheap, gives peace of mind without having to bug your family with texts! Recommend to parents, spouses or really anyone!!

Best app ever

This app is live and provides peace of mind

Great app

So helpful you get notifications when someone you have added on the maps arrives at home or work. Great app!

Good app

Awesome timing and good directions and let’s me know where my family is. Good app!!!

Great at pinpointing location!

Very handy, you can set your range parameters for example to pinpoint or give a general messsge when one of your contacts arrives home.

Great App

Very awesome to keep up with family without having to ask.

A must for parents!!

Installed it on my Son’s phone a day before he was in a car accident.

Nearly exact

This app is almost spot on most of the time. Sometimes there is a delay, but I overall great for keeping tabs on teenagers

Great app!

I use this app daily and I love it!

What a fine

So far I have enjoyed this app it’s very precise.


I love the app i use it for my kids.

check places

Me and my girlfriend uses this app it’s pretty good and we can check in at places

Best app ever

Don’t miss this app


Perfect to know the whereabouts of your children.

Good idea

Awesome!!! I love this app so much.

Cancel me

I don't wantthisdifficult program. It doesn't work. Cancel me.


Hadn’t worked since download. Then, it’s been what I found to be a loophole for my phone & cards to be hacked. I’ve now found several people I know have experienced the same.

Bad app

This app does not simply help at all I subscribe to them on accident and they don’t even give you your money back so I recommend this a bad app for people I recommend Life360 it’s a good app and this app is so bad I give it a thumbs down 😑😤👎

Perfect Tool

The is perfect for keeping an eye on my families where about.


Can’t live without this app!! Know where your family is, and if they’re safe.

Love it

I can see at any time where my child is, how much battery charge he has left and can message him.

Does exactly what it says it does.

This is a must have app for parents and anyone with dependents with compromised cognitive abilities.

Pretty cool.

We got this app for any type of emergency situation that may arise. My husband rides a motorcycle and it gives me peace of mind knowing I can check in on his location during rides.

Love it

This app is awesome!! It helps me keep up with my 2 teen age sons and allows me to feel more comfortable when they are driving or traveling without me.

Great app

Hands down, the best app for ensuring the safety of your kids.

Love this app!

Used this app for a little over a year now. Works great.

Great app !

This app is a great tool for keeping up with teens.


Very useful and easy to use app

Awesome app!

This app works in real time. I can see my daughter moving from one destination to another.


Great app. I would give it a 10 star!!

Great app!

This helps my family and I keep up with one another. Love it!


I love this app it keep me close to my family giving me a peace of mind... highly recommend


I can’t live without

Great App

I’ve had it for over two years and the upgrades keep making it better and better

awesome app

It's an awesome app to stay connected with family and friends.

Great app

Highly recommended app.


This app is great no money what so ever best app

Truly Great App

This is one of my favourite apps. Love it.


My whole family uses this app, it’s very precise and easy to use. We love it!

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