iMap - Find My Phone & Friends Відгуки

Супер, теперь я точно знаю где мои друзья


Все очень смачно, можно наблюдать за своими друганами)

Helped me find my truck.

Got lost on Halloween. Left my iPhone in truck. Used someone else's Find My IPhone app and located my truck with my iPhone inside. Thanks!

Phone saver!

Lost my phone last week and used this to find it! Location is exactly where it says it is!

Love this app

Thanks to this app I have never missed placed or lost my phone


This app saves me every time I lost my iPhone or iPad. I totally recommend


Says you can track without the other person having the app — WRONG! It types up a text to send them to download it. Biggest waste of money ever. You also can’t get to a link to cancel, so I had to email them. They better cancel it and it’d be nice to receive a refund.

Useful when my phone disappears all of a sudden

All I have to do is press the make a sound button my iPhone makes a sound helping me find it which I can do with iPad, and vise versa.

Must have

Saved me so many times!

Helped find stolen phone

Amazing what this app is capable of. helped me find my moms phone after 5 days of it being stolen. thanks apple

Find my iPhone

Worked AWESOME...thanks to whoever made this app.

Does the same as find my friends

I thought this app would do more than find my friends without using much battery but this uses way more than it claims, it checks your location frequently every 10 to 15 minutes. This app does have some extra features but you have to pay a monthly subscription to use them, downside is this app crashes often If your family and friends owns Apple products just use find my friends which does the same thing as this and only uses battery when your trying to locate someone instead of every 10-15 minutes and it’s free.

Found It!

Amazing app! I was able to get my daughter stolen iphone back with in 6hrs of it being gone! Thank you

5 Stars

Helped my mom find her phone half way across town using this app. It works. Legit.

Lost my iphone today.

Used this app and I Found it outside of my house in my car in the driveway.

Works great!

I LOVE this app!

Great app

My IPhone was stolen. I put on this app and it helped the police track down my phone. Best app ever. Thanks find my iPhone.

The best

Does exactly what it needs to do and works flawlessly!

Nice app

Good app I think you should make an update to be able to record your own ringtones. You guys should make it exist.


This app is a complete lifesaver. If I did not have this app I would have lost my phone so thank you FIND MY IPHONE

This helps me a lot

This helps me a lot when I loose my iPad. I always loose them in stupid places, but I always find them with this app.

Must have this app

I just got my stolen Iphone back right now thanks to this app. I would recommend it to anyone that has an iPhone

Love it!!!

GREAT!!!!! All my phones are there sometimes my family loses their phones in the house. (Including mine.)

Worst app ever.

It states that you find by phone number even if person doesn’t have app. LIESSSSSS! I want my refund back

Find my iPhone

This is so useful! My friend dropped her phone and this guy picked it up and took it... But we went on this app and tracked him down and got it back! I love this if I could I would rate this a 5 star

I found my iphone

Thank you very much for this smart application, I had lost my iPhone but thriugh this application i found it, thank you alot.


Works perfectly when my boyfriend lost his phone we typed his information on mine and it tracked it perfectly!!

Life Saver!

I got my phone stolen out of my pocket while on vacation and this app was able to trace it to the exact house. I was able to go with the cops right to the kids house and get my phone back. This app was a life saver!!!

Must have!

This is a must have for any device!

Good app

God this is very handy I have many devices so I need to keep track of them and this app helps me do just that

Can’t cancel free trial

Just moments after trying the free trial, I realized it wasn’t what I needed. Support links don’t function and there is no option to cancel the account. Not cool... very seedy. How do I cancel?!


I love this. It provides some peace of mind.

This is awesome!!

This is a great way for my husband to keep track of where I am at all times!

Handy App for Family

I really enjoy this app because it helps me watch over my siblings and mother in another city 6 hours away and my family close by.

Great app for Knowing Location of Members

I am enjoying this app. It helps me to plans parts of my day by knowing where members are and when to expect them to arrive.


It would be nice if we could play a sound to find iPhone


It’s an amazing way to keep track of your family if needed to do so!

Great app

The best of the best

nice app

I am able to keep up with my family and get notifications when they get home or leave home.


It’s good to know that my kids are safe and I know where they are. This app can be a life saver if you don’t know the whereabouts of your child or family member.


Such a huge peace of mind since my daughter started driving. This app is so accurate and informative.

Awesome App

Awesome! This app gives me a “piece of mind” whenever I worry about any of my family members or friends. It’s comforting to know they got home safely, without having to make a phone-call.

Love it

Just got it yesterday but it seems to work great.

Very Helpful

I am very happy with this app. Most of the time it's close in accuracy.

This is the best thing since the invention of a cell phone.

I love it. It’s wonderful.

Safety first

I love knowing my loved ones are in a safe place ! This gives me peace of mind

Love it

I love this app. I only have the free part and have only had it about a month but I love that I know where my loved ones are without bothering them!

Love it!!

My mom got it because she was worried about us going out and about and not knowing where we were just in case something happened!

Very informative

This app makes me safe as well as eliminated Nani calling to make sure we made it home safe cause she already knows.

Great app!

Quick upload, refresh and accurate. No issues with the app and I enjoy the safety it provides.

Great app

I love this app because not only is it accurate, simple to use and well designed , but also because the free version is powerful and devoid of restrictions .

Great App!

Gives you great peach of mind to know where your kids are! Love this app!

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